Missing or Stolen Car Plate in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia: How to Request a New Plate

missing plate

Well living in Riyadh for Expatriates are not always in a smooth and easy, sometimes it happens to us that bad people are giving us trouble againts our property specially our car. It happens to me one morning when I was about to go for work my car plate was missing on the rear side. I don’t panic, the first thing I do is check the nearest Baladiyah garbage trash bin and made some search in the corner nearby until I came to the point of giving-up. And I declare it was stolen by somebody.

Okay, here we go. I asked my Saudi coleauge and gathers some information what to do and I’m  gonna share it to you so you would avoid some uneccesary process and stick to the right one.

Procedure to Request Car Plate for Lost or Stolen:

There is actually 2 process: 1.) Aquiring Police Report in Police Station in the area of incident & 2.) Requesting new Plate in Traffic Police Office

Let me share first what I do in the first place because I have no idea that time and I don’t want this to happens to any of you. My Saudi Coleague told me was an incomplete information, he told me to go straight to Traffic Police Office after Calling 999 Police hotline to report the missing plate, (this procedure is to alert the Police and encode in their system and alerting if any crime was done involving the stolen car plate). But going straight to Traffic Police is a waste of time because you have to get Police report first from the area of incident before going to Traffic Police to request a new plate (in my case I went to Nasseriyah Traffic Dept.). The incident happens in Takhassusi near SACO store so I went to Umal Hammam Police station to get the Police report but it was wrong, I should asked first the Police in Naseriyah on what Station I should go because Umal Hammam Police refuse to issue the Report since Takhassusi in not under their area of responsibility but in Sulemania Police. So, I waste time going to Umal Hammam Police and to Nasseriyah which is not the first place to go.Then I went to Sulemania Police, the correct one but I’ve arrive there at 1:30pm which is already late for issuing Police reports that time, as per the Officer I spoke with, their working time is 8am-1pm only, they told me “come back bukrah subaah”. Wasting time in the wrong Police station is a waste of 1 day of getting the report, I have no choice but to come back in the next morning.


Now, let’s start with the procedure:

  1. Aquiring Police Report for Stolen Car Plate (Sulemania Police Station)
    • Proceed to the respective Police Station to which the incident happens and present the following:
      • Istimara / Car registration – original & photo copy
      • Driving Licenese – original & photo copy
      • Iqama – original & photo copy
      • Picture of your car – front & back showing missing plate (this is better instead of the Police will take the photo, sometimes you have to wait because the camera is not available, so better you prepare your own picture).
      • Bring maps of your house or the place showing incident happens (option only, but it is better you bring this so that they will not asked more for the location).
    • After submitting all this papers, wait for the copy of Police Report, 1-copy for you with stamped and signature of Captain and 1-copy will be for their record and encoding.
  2. Requesting for a New Plate in Traffic Police Department (Nasseriyah Traffic Police Station)
    • Proceed to Traffic Police Compound in Nasseriyah Building no.6 at the back of the compound
      • Submit Police report you aquire from Sulemania Police together with the photo copy of Car registration (istimara).
      • They will give you the Request form, fill this up in Arabic and pay thru ATM or Saddad of SR100 for one plate & SR200 for 2 plate. In my case I asked the fixer outside to do it for me and I pay him SR30 for his service.
      • Submit the form to Police desk and he will encode it and gives you the lower half of the paper as a claim slip for your new Plate. Usually it takes 3-5 days of process but in my case I came back after 1 week and I received my new car plate.


Now, you have your new car plate and be carefull in fixing it, make sure you use a bolt with nuts or a rivet or some hex keys to screw it back to prevent from stealing again.

Hope this will helps you in solving your problem if someone stole your car plate. Good luck and take care.


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About pulangsombrero

Expat living in Riyadh for 6 years, willing to share helpful information in dealing the life in Riyadh base on personal experience, from work, driving, bringing your family and procedure to Government offices and Police office or Traffic related issues..

4 responses to “Missing or Stolen Car Plate in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia: How to Request a New Plate”

  1. Imran Khan says :

    Dear Sir,

    My car was in Riyadh but traffic violation shows Jeddah & I went two times to Nasiriyah traffic police office for cancel my traffic violation & I wrote complaint form after that I hand over to traffic police (Building#1, 3rd floor) & they said after 10 or 15 days it will cancel but almost one month completed, Till now it is showing traffic violation amount is not paid on MOI web site. Please advise.


    • pulangsombrero says :

      Just follow up to the same office building you filed the complaint. There is a review of CCTV incident and needs approval of the Police captain that’s takes time to complete. If possible get a phone number of the concern person there that might help you in your case so there’s no need to return again and again.


  2. Syed says :

    But 100 SAR for two number plates either u want one or two


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