How to Renew Driving License in Saudi Arabia for Expat with New Iqama


For an Expat in Saudi Arabia that went on exit and return back with a new visa and a new Iqama but with a valid or has a previous License card, you have to renew it for you to able to drive again in the Kingdom and you have to go the Dallah Licensing Center not in the Moroor or Traffic Police Office since you came in new Iqama and it is considered as a new Registration not a Renewal but you don’t have to do the crazy driving test like you do in your first time acquiring driving ID.

Dallah add

Okay then, lets start the process in a very simple instruction as follows:

  1. Prepare the requirements and fill-up the application form.
  2. Present the requirements including payment receipt to the Traffic Police.
  3. Proceed to Releasing Office and wait for your call.

As you see its only a 3 steps but I know its not clear for you how it is to be done that’s why I have to make it in much details for you to able to follow  the procedure once you are there  in Dallah Centers especially for those who came back in Saudi Arabia and don’t know what to do.

In My own experience, I came back in Riyadh and It’s a necessity for me to have a driving license that’s why after I receive my new Iqama my next step to do is Aquiring a Driving License. For Expat like me who came in New visa & Iqama I have to go Dallah Takhassusi, I’ve try it in Malaz Traffic Police office but they don’t renew my ID, the Saudi Police told me that they only renew for old ID card not for new Iqama. Lets start now the process.

  1. Preparing the requirements and Fill-up the application forms:
    1. Requirements are:
      1. Driving License card original & photo copy
      2. Iqama original & photocopy
      3. 2 pcs passport size picture
      4. Company letter or employment certificate (optional only but better if you have it)
    2. Fill-up the application form which is available in Dallah or in MOI website. It is better if you downloaded it and fill this up by your Arabic office-mate person than getting it from Dallah because there are many fixers there asking for 20-30 Riyals for their service.
  2. Present the requirements including payment.
    1. Go to Hall No.1 (or gate no. 1) in Dallah compound, look for the Hall and show your documents to the reception to verify if your documents are complete (In my case I bring my documents to the Mutawwa person inside, he is the one checking documents in Dallah Takhassusi Hall No.1).There are case if the Checker will require you for an eye test, but if the Checker don’t asked it, just go and proceed to next step.
    2. Leave Hall No.1 after checking your documents and proceed to Hall No. 2, but before you enter the Hall make sure you have made the payments for Driving License. Payment thru Saddad or bank is better than paying on the fixers in Dallah because they will charge you for 30-50 Riyals for the transactions. below is the payment details:
      1. 5 years = 200SR
      2. 10 years = 400SR
      3. or 40SR per year as per the Police explanation in Dallah, its up to you if you want to go there yearly for paying 40SR.
    3. After payment, Just proceed inside Hall no. 2, window-1 (submitting all requirements)
  3. Releasing Office (HALL no. 2) and wait. 
    1. Inside the Hall there are many seats there for waiting the card print of your new Driving License. I prefer that you sit in front because the person will distibute it by calling your name and most Saudi’s may pronounce name differently so be attentive on this.

After 1-2 hours of process you have your new Driving License and ready to use it. Happy Driving!



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Expat living in Riyadh for 6 years, willing to share helpful information in dealing the life in Riyadh base on personal experience, from work, driving, bringing your family and procedure to Government offices and Police office or Traffic related issues..

30 responses to “How to Renew Driving License in Saudi Arabia for Expat with New Iqama”

  1. tompatzh21 says :

    Reblogged this on riyadhtompatz.


  2. Nasir says :

    Thank you, but one more question.
    Is it necessary to go same city dallah office, where my old driving licence was issued?


  3. Mohammed Zikruddin Shariff says :

    Assalamwalaikum sir
    This is Mohammad Zikruddin Shariff
    Before i worked in Saudi Arabia at that time i have Saudi driving licence
    Now i am working in Dubai i lost Saudi driving licence is it possible take copy or duplicate
    I remember my Saudi quama number also sir please help me if i get driving licence it’s very helpfull for me please sir


  4. Supruono B. says :

    Thx for the info. What about having new iqama in different city, is it still possible to renew my driving license in the city where I live now?


  5. Tono andarah says :


    What is the option that I should choose to pay from internet banking:
    1 issue driving license
    2 issue driving license from old driving license
    3 replace driving license
    4 renew driving license


  6. Utris ula says :


    How long does it take once we finish the medical checkup?


    • pulangsombrero says :

      Your driving licence will receive the same day once the medical, payment and accomplished all the documents.


      • Myk Buyao says :

        Good day sir! I am Michael Buyao, i am renewing my drivers license with new iqama number. I already finish eye test one week ago, but i havent receive any confirmation text which will i show to moroor office. What should i do. I al here in Yanbu City.


      • pulangsombrero says :

        I’am not sure if that is the new procedure that need to show text message to moroor office. Because after eye test, the clinic will give the paper certificate and stamp on your application form then bring it to Police, that’s the usual procedure. You better go back to the Clinic and get a certificate that you finish the eye test or tell them to send the text message to Police as per new procedure you mention.


  7. Hassan says :

    Salam. I was in Saudi and had driving licence. I exit in 2012. Now I’m going again in New visa. But my driving licence expired 4 months back. So can I renew with new iqama without driving test? Also want to know Iqama number will be same or different on going in new visa?


  8. anser anwar basha says :

    my saudi driving license expire in 2000 I left company on 2000 also now I came to Saudi in another company can I renew the old driving license


  9. Touseef Ahmed says :

    Hi, I have heavy driving licence of Saudi Arabia, which is expired 2 Jan 2017. Now I am dubai in RTA Dubai Taxi. How can i renew my saudi driving licence?


  10. NEIL MANLANGIT says :

    how to renew an expired license from 03 october 2017?


  11. Jorge says :

    hi, is it mandatory to get a medical report for renewing driver license when you directly do it thru Moroor?


  12. Alex says :

    Hi Kabayan. How about if the license is expired for 6 months. Can I renew it with new Visa and new Iqama? If there is a fine, how much is it?


    • pulangsombrero says :

      If you came back with new visa and license was expired, it is considered as new application as well as the fee but you don’t have to go thru exam. just show your old drivers license card.


    • pulangsombrero says :

      If your driving license is expired before or after your exit and came back, it is consider as new registration not renewal. The only thing you will not do is no need for both exam just show your old drivers license.


  13. James says :

    Hi Sir, Good Afternoon. I have a valid driver license in riyadh before i exit valid until 2020. now im working in new company with new iqama and i want to renew my license. These are my queries:
    1. Should I need to do medical and eye test again?
    2. Do i need to pay 200 SR again for 5 years validity? Note that my license is still valid for 2 years.


    • pulangsombrero says :

      You have to do it again, check your absher account for accredited clinic near your area.

      Once you go exit, your licence and Iqama will become cancel, and on your return new Iqama number will assign to you, so your license is need to register again, pay all the fee and do medical test except driving exam.


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